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Monday, February 11, 2008

Easter Challenge: Well, um...hm.


My lowest. Still "maintaining" though. Just a pound difference, which, really, is not significant other than it not being a gain. :) No breakthrough.

Eating too many calories to lose, but eating really fresh, really good food, mostly. Let's say 95% is high quality, organic, fresh, home-cooked, non-processed, nutritious food. The rest tends to be, er, chocolate or a piece of some desserty thing. Or coffee syrup, sugarless. I'm hooked on sugar-free coffee syrups now--caramel, cinnamon dolce.

So, well, nothing great to report, but nothing horrible to report, and the stasis pretty much continues.

It's allergy time here for me (and my hairdresser, sister, etc). Something in the air has me (and others) all sneezy and scratchy. Thank God for Zyrtec, even if it's not a diet-friendly drug (appetite increaser). I take one every day and have for years, and when I miss a dose, I know, because the itching becomes unbearable. Combined with Singulair and my steroid inhalers and Serevent , the drugs let me BREATHE and function. I remember the years of NOT functioning, cause my immune system is wonky. But, maybe part of the price is weight-related. It was when my immune system went totally whack and I had to quit working that I gained 130 lbs. Prior to that, I was reasonably active and worked, studied, walked, swam, etc.

So, yeah: 270.2

Goal: to break into the 260's by next weigh-in. Please, Lord. :)


Scale Junkie said...

YAY for a downward moving scale! You'll see those 260's soon!

*ccc* said...

You're almost there...no doubt the 260s are almost here.

Keep fighting!

Heather said...

well congrats on your maintenance. I know its not what you hoped, but trust me, I overeat ONE day and gain,so I would be thrilled for a maintenance right now.

I know you wil make it to the 260s!

Grumpy Chair said...

Less than 1/2 a pound and you will be in the 160's. You can do it, you can do it, you can do it!

Merry said...

Allergies are miserable. When I first moved up to Oregon I felt like I'd been hit with a sledgehammer. Thankfully it hasn't been so bad since that first spring. I hope you feel better soon. Fingers crossed that you make your goal this week!

Lady T said...

cool! can you tell a difference in the way you feel with all that good, healthy sutff in your system now?

forgive me if you have posted about this before...lol. i have indeed been under a rock. peeking out to see how my ladies are doing.