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Thursday, May 20, 2010

The rest of the day's intake

Okay, I woke up a bit ago (I'm sleeping vampire time again) and wanted to update on how I finished up my day after that HUGE and yumsy breakfast I documented in a previous post.

For my first snack, which ended up being lunch, when all is said and done: I had 3/4 of an Oskri coconut pineapple bar with some Chocoperfection sugar-free dark chocolate. (Like having a high-fiber, semi-organic, non-sugary Mounds bar, really), a cup of cherries (amazing, so crunchy and perfect), a wedge of watermelon (and a very good one, too, juicy and supersweet, heaven), and a tablespoon of Vitamineral Green mixed in water (before I read about the starting lower or have the runs effect).

For Supper: A cup of Dr. McDougall's vegan Black Bean soup (the one in the box) with a cup of boiled calabaza squash (mmmm, makes me think of my mom). I put EVOO on the soup, drizzling.  On the side, I had the "junk" item of the day, imo: tortilla chips. I had some Eat Smart salsa and Eat Smart Salsa con Queso with it. I also had some home brewed iced tea (Twining's Orange Pekoe).

Calories for Thursday:  2324
I was low on zinc, folate, calcium, magnesium, and potassium (though I got really close for a change, due to the fruits and coconut water and calabaza no doubt. I didn't take my usual supplements, so I gotta keep on track tomorrow with the zinc and calcium in particular.

With all that, I got on the scale and was down a pound and change from the day before. Hey, okay.

Today, I'm aiming for 2000 cals.  Root for me, k?

I'm rooting for you!

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