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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Do Not Buy Bottled Zico Coconut Water: Tastes Nasty!

On this blog for a couple years I have touted the benefits (and yumminess) of coconut water--low calories, high electrolytes, good debloater, refreshing chilled, subtle sweetness. I probably mentioned how much I liked Zico natural coconut water.

Er, no more. They have a bottled version now, and it's from concentrate, and it tastes horrible. It's not at all like old Zico. Skip it.

Alternatives to try. O.N.E. has one in the tetra pak that's pretty good. My new fave , however, is Nature Factor's organic coconut water. Not from concentrate. Super numnum. If you exercise vigorously in this warm weather time, coconut water is a great refresher and replenisher. Try it! Both of those are available at Amazon.com (and Nature Factor's coconut water is in the subscribe and save program, and I took advantage to order 3 cases.)

But please, don't buy bottled Zico. It's a letdown bigtime.


The Better Idiot said...

I wish coconut water was sold int he UK, I've never seen it but would like to give it a go when I go back.

Thanks for the birthday wishes! Beef ice cream is odd, but you live in Asia long enough yopu learn not to ask too many quesitons and jsut try something.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree, Zico is not the right choice as a coconut water because it is from concentrate. I like Vita Coco, it's all natural and tastes amazing.

clearlyclardy said...

OMG I just drank the stuff -- it was SO bad I googled "Zico coconut water tastes nasty" -- found this! YUCK!!!!!