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Friday, May 21, 2010

A Highly Recommended 90 Minute Video, and there goes my morning o.j. !

If you haven't watched it yet, and if you are a fatfighter who has felt out of control and ravenous, like you're always hungry, well, watch the video I link to at the end of this post. It's 90 minutes, but on a lazy evening, leave the TV alone and watch it.

It's got a lot of science (but trust me, it's relevant and it's eye-opening). In fact, I'm glad this physician--Dr. Robert Lustig, professor of pediatrics at the University of California at San Francisco-- took the time to go through each of the metabolic processes. It makes so much sense by the time he's done, it's like an epiphany. It's one, interestingly, that you can see manifested in Lyn from Escape from Obesity as she did MediFast (which is not a program I'm crazy about on paper, as the caloric level is really low and the food is overprocessed and is not like a real-life plan that's livable, though certainly it gives quick results). I think she eats BETTER when she makes her own lower carb meals chockablock with nice and colorful veggies. :)

What's important is what it does to the appetite (calm it) when sugar/fructose/HFCS are eliminated or reduced drastically. 

I also like how he exlains WHY exercise is beneficial to weight loss, and it's not about "calories out." I really, really like how incrementally he shows how Metabolic Syndrome can be traced to the ingestion of fructose/sucrose/HFCS in increasing quantities.

And even if you think you already know all this stuff, maybe you haven't seen it presented just like this:

Sugar, The Bitter Truth

This response to the video is critical of it, so I offer the link as a counterpoint.

This post has a very nice summary of the video and its own conclusions.

So, tomorrow, I'll eat the orange instead of juicing it. :D


Lisa Sargese said...

Hey! I watched (listened really) to that same lecture! Good stuff, right? It helps to explain cravings and that never-full feeling I used to have. Exercise is good for so many reasons other than to shrink ourselves. If we had a different mindset about that and a great many other things...if only!

Princess Dieter said...

An amazing lecture. I watched it TWICE (and that's THREE hours). Talked to hubby when he came home about it, and hubby started looking for HFCS in the labels of his snacks. HAH. And yeah, that "hungry all the time" thing makes a lot of sense the way he explains it. I like his rule of only giving children milk and waer (although I'd expand it to fruit smoothies if they have milk/yogurt or just whole fruits blended down).

skinnyhollie said...

I watched this a couple of weeks ago when Yum Yucky provided the link - it was such an eye opener. Especially about their being HFCS in baby formula - can you believe that!

Once Upon A Dieter said...

Hollie, I was OUTRAGED when I saw the breakdown of the WIC bab formula. How disgusting. Just cause someone's poor, you can basically feed their infant sugarwater. That was horrible. The child would be better off with plain old milk than that dreck. Horrible.

The Better Idiot said...

It's different here in that the scope to get that kind of food is limited, so there aren't many other choices. The cuts of meat they offer are difficult to find and ridiculously priced if you buy them yourself (assuming you can find them at all, which is rare). The kind of choice you have just isn't an option here.