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Friday, May 21, 2010

Following Directions is Important: It wasn't food poisoning, it was "gentle detoxing effects"

Well, I did think it was unusual that, while I had a major day-long case of the uber-poopies (aka really liquidy projectile diarrhea) earlier this week, I didn't FEEL sick or nauseous or anything. Just "runsy".

It wasn't gastroenteritis. No, not food poisoning. It was the effect of not following directions for HealthForce Naturals Vitamineral Green. (See a post a few days before on my buying superfoods, pic included.)

I read another blogger's account of his major poopsies with it at the recommended daily dosage (eventual dosage, as the company suggests starting with less than a teaspoon--this being the advice I didn't follow). And a review on amazon refers to the "detox" bowel effect, too.

Heh. Gentle detoxing. I had to vaseline my hiney-hole cause it was so irritated. Gentle?

Anyway, instead of starting with the low dose, I started with the "serving" dose of one heaping tablespoon. And I did that TWICE that day.

Now, I know better. I will be careful. :)

So, a heads up for anyone wanting to try this product. Start small or beware the bowel boom. Unless, of course, you're majorly constipated, then, hey, go for it, two heaping tablespoonsful.


The Better Idiot said...

that was an exteemely intimate look into your last 24hrs there princess!

Once Upon A Dieter said...

Hmm. TMI? hahahah

DrFaulken said...

Hi there -- did your body adjust to the Vitamineral Green? Some of the folks on my blog said to make it with lukewarm water instead of cold water, although the product directions don't make any reference to that.

I gave up on it. We play a lot of games in the house, but "Splattergories" is not one of them. :\

Once Upon A Dieter said...

I am literally afraid of doing more than 3/4 of a teaspoon. I don't know if I get ANY benefits at that dosage, but the memory of butt burn has kept me from upping the dose. :-/

Splattergories. Heh. Sounds like a satire of horror movies. Maybe they can get a high concept out of Death By Superfoods Gut Blast.