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Friday, May 21, 2010

Breakfast Pic and Particulars: Western Plus Scramble Feast and

Breakfast today was 787 calories, that's 341 fewer than yesterday's total of 1128.  I'd ideally like to get breakfast to 500 to 600, but this is a drop in the right direction. I still kept up the fiber and fruits and veggies and there's lots of protein. I do better with a breakfast with protein and fiber and I crave fruit in the am--the color and flavor.

Here's a pic, taken hastily as my eggs were getting cold:

What's in the pic, other than my toes?

--On large plate: a Western Scramble Plus--onions, green bell pepper, tomato, extra lean Boar's Head lower sodium ham, 2% Kraft sharp cheddar shredded cheese. Slice of Ezekiel Bread toasted with imported English butter. Half a tomato with EVOO drizzle.

-- on the left: Mushrooms sauteed in some Smart Balance with a tiny splash of white wine.

-- upper left: Papaya, fresh, with lime

--fresh orange juice, chilled

--fresh coffee, Rwanda Buf Mills

So delicious. And adding that bit of wine to the mushrooms felt absolutely luxurious. Mmmmm.

Hope you're able to enjoy a healthful breakfast (hopefully with fewer calories than mine), full of nutrients, fiber, and great soul-satisfying flavor.

Happy Friday...weekend's almost here!!!!!


Lisa Sargese said...

Now THAT is a glorious breaky! My acupuncturist would agree about the orange. He'd say it the whole fruit rather than juice it. Mother nature puts sugar and fiber together for a reason. Wine with mushrooms?? FABULOUS!! Hope it was lovely.

Once Upon A Dieter said...

I loved it. What a difference such a tiny little thing makes to up the enjoyment factor--the way a pinch of garlic or fresh herbs will do. And I bought this very tiny bottle of white wine and one of red wine to use for cooking--instead of yucky cooking wine:D