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Monday, September 15, 2008

Where the heck does the time go?
To my belly and butt, maybe?

Well, shoot. Look at me. I went AWOL! It's funny how when I see my last post here, I think, "No way it's been THAT long!"

Seriously, though, I've been weather-stressed and just not in the internetty mood. Been praying a lot, crying a little. Hurricane season has been unkind to my family.

No, not the US family--we've had the stress of watches, but nothing has struck us in Miami, thank God. But I have family in Cuba, two brothers, nieces, nephews, grandnieces and grandnephews, and assorted cousins, etc. Gustav swiped the island where my eldest brother lives and damaged his house. We heard from him once the telephone was back up. No injuries (other than to the homestead), for which we're grateful, given the flooding and that amazing amount of Category 4 wind.

But Ike raked Cuba and got my second brother who is on the Eastern (and hardest hit) part of the isle. We haven't heard from him or his kin yet, so we're worried, naturally. We assume there is no loss of life, but likely a lot of loss of belongings. When poor folks are concerned, those who have little, losing anything is a hardship.

We're lucky to be in a free country that affords so many opportunities, and we'll be able to send money to help (hopefully soon).

Speaking of Ike, though, a friend of mine of 12 years got hit in Houston.

Hurricanes suck big.

Please pray for those in Haiti, Cuba, Houston and other mangled parts. May the hot and stormy season end quietly. And if your budget allows, please give to help these people. Haiti breaks my heart. Hubby and I have already donated twice to aid in that nation, which has been hit multiple times by a mean Mother Nature. It's to weep over. (Make sure you check charities at Charity Navigator. Please don't give to inefficient charities or those that throw huge chunks of cash to their executives. (eg., a local paper listed Feed the Children as one to give to, but they are rated two stars out of four and, really, look at who gets paid what. It's like 3 members of a family making half a million out of this venture. Seriously makes me go "hmmm". Look for those that are effective and four-star rated or rely on a church or someone you personally know will get the aid there intact.)
As for the weight thing, I had gotten to 270.2 at the end of my challenge (only losing about 4 in the month), but this month has done damage. I haven't been on the scale, but I suspect it will be a few pounds up when I do. I may brave it soon.

I am still doing Pilates, though only twice a week for the last two weeks due to holiday/personal family stuff interfering. But I'm hoping it'll be back to 3x a week normality next week. I've had two regular periods since I began Pilates on 6/30. This is major. Prior to that, I'd have a period, miss four months, have a period, miss three months, etc. I still might have the zits and bloat as if I were gonna get it, then not get it. Weird perimenopausal stuff, I tell ya. I could really do without the big breakouts. These cystic things on my lower cheeks, chin, and jawline hurt.

But exercising has, so far, synched me up. I wonder if October will see a continuing "red" trend?

In any case, I'm sorry to flake on y'all, but I have not given up the fight. In fact, I came to post cause I was ordering my organic delivery of produce and dairy for tomorrow.

My goal is to break down past that 270 major block of mine and enter October in a fight against the 260's. I'd like to think of each month as a fight against a particular decade of weight.

I'll be catching up on your blogs. Thanks to those who left comments of "hellos" and concern. I appreciate your thinking about this missing-in-action Princess. The fatfighting community rocks!



The Better Idiot said...

Glad to see you back!

The Better Idiot said...

Also! SoBe is only really strict the first two weeks, so after that you'd be able to eat yogurt again.

Alexia@theonelastthing.com said...

Great phrase -- each month tackling a decade of weight. Hang in there! Best wishes for family and friends.

SeaShore said...

Glad you're okay. I hope you hear from your brother very soon! I can only imagine the stress you're under. I'd say you're doing really well, everything considered. Take care.

Paint-Me-Dioxazine said...

Welcome back! When your little blog popped up on my blogroll this morning, I thought to myself - self, that's one you haven't seen in a while. Unfortunately I've had similar problems with my "red trends", but working out and getting myself into somewhat normal cycles has absoltuely helped to stabolize it - more so than it was. Try to relax, even though I know it's hard. And goodbye 270s!

Chrissie said...

Glad to see you back. I was rather worried about you.