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Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Damage Done, The Challenge(s) Ahead, and an Award

Okay, so I step on the scale after an absence from weighing-in and from regular posting: 272.0 lbs.

So, lower than my last official weigh-in of 272.4, less than what I started the challenge (which was almost 274.) But not as low as I should be, sure. (Slaps self.)

I thought it was gonna be worse, honestly. After weeks of being lax with the eating plan. It's 2 lbs over the lowest weigh-in (post-challenge at the end of August 270.2, which I never posted).

So...I have made no weight loss progress THIS year. I'm at the weight I waas 1/28/08.

Ah, well.

I didn't get back in th e 280's, which I would be, or higher, if I hadn't been vigilant. I totally understand how hard it is to maintain now. I'm nowhere near goal, but maintaining a 27 lb loss has been work, all the same. NOT gaining is hard. Not as hard as losing for me, but still hard.

Wow. No wonder even folks who have had gastric bypass have trouble keeping to their lowest weights, no wonder there is some regain. This is tough stuff.


I want to be in the 260's so bad, I'm even tempted to join Angie's no-wimps challenge. But my inner wuss hesitates.

I do want to join CCs Christmas challenge. I can't believe the year is almost over and Christmas looms! It would be lovely to be in the 250s (okay, 250 period) for Christmas and to start the New Year with less than 100 lbs to lose.

I want to get a new phone (Blackberry or iPhone) and learn to take and upload phone pics. I love when folks take pics of their healthful meals and upload them. I'd like to learn to do that (tech-idiot that I am). Check out Diana's "no name" tortilla lasagna-ish one. The Incredible Shrinking Katschi does this photomeal thing wonderfully!

I also really need to find a workable aerobics regimen. I'm doing the stretching and the toning (and my very sore abdominals--all of them, lower, upper, obliques-- and achey muscles under my armpits and in my upper back are proof that I worked hard yesterday at Pilates), but the good-for-the-heart work has been non-existent. I have no excuse other than two crappy knees for not doing it. I can find something low-impact and put up with the boredom. Yes, I could.

Yes, I can.
Yes, I can.
Yes, I can.

Just trying to get positive there.

I'm not feeling the motivation mojo, but I'm gonna be talking to myself a lot today as I make my meals and do some household chores.

So, 272 lbs. Goal for September 30: 268. I need to get out of the '70s. :)

I'd like to thank Chubby Chick for a nifty new award. I don't know how deserving I am (given how "in absentia" I've been of late). She named good encouragers, some of whom are encouragers right here, to me; so I won't be redundant. And really, those of you who post here and give me a boost up, you're my encouragers, and I thank you all. I will pick a few names to carry on the bloggy awardiness vibe (ie, to pass it on to their encourages)--


As we enter a new season next week, may the excess fat "fall" off our bodies and may the holidays be bright, shiny carrots in front of our faces, urging us eagerly on to better ways of eating and moving and thinking and living.

Onward and Downward!


Heather said...

a loss is still a loss, and you are completely right....things could have been much worse if you had just given up. sorry to say too that it never really gets easier, but sometimes more manageable.

Skinny Inside said...

do join the Christmas Challenge! We can make so much progress in the next three months!

The Better Idiot said...

Thank you for the award! *blushes*. I joined the Christmas Challenge too! Anything that motivates is a good thing I think.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much! I really needed that, especially after the weekend I had! =)