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Sunday, January 6, 2008

The Princess Reviews Instone Pudding

Instone Pudding is a high-protein pudding snack that seems popular with the low-carbers. I'd seen some bad reviews and some excellent ones, so I decided to try it and judge for myself:

Chocolate flavor. My review: Oh, my, how can anyone eat this crap? It tastes like funky chemicals run amok.

--Because I figure anything is worth a second try, especially when some folks I like actually eat it, I tried a different flavor--

Banana flavor. My review: Egads, people actually finish this horror? Willingly? How do I get this aftertaste out of my mouth. :::sound of me gargling with mouthwash::::

I now understand why Sylvester Stallone often has that pained look on his face. He eats this stuff!

There you have it. My garbage has two partially eaten tins of the stuff waiting to be hauled away, far from me and my abused tongue.

Try it at risk to your taste buds.


Me said...

eeeewww.... though, it has to be said, not surprising. The one good thing about protein shakes is that you can chug them back quickly before the taste has a chance to register

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the heads-up. I always appreciate food reviews like this one. I'm sure I wouldn't like the pudding, either. I have picky tastebuds.

OhYeahBabe said...

I figured it had to be nasty by the description of it. Thanks for confirming it! I bet it's expensive, too!

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Wendi said...

Yeah, thanks for the heads up. Do let me know if you come across good stuff that we would find yummy. I'm always looking for go "diet" fodd and snacks

Christine said...

Stopping by from Shannon's Easter Challenge. Looking forward to kicking some serious butt in the weeks to come.