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Friday, January 11, 2008

Dragonfire Factoid: Tough Reality For the Majority of Dieters

No weight-loss diet has every been scientifically shown to produce substantial long-term weight loss in any but a tiny minority of dieters.
--from "The Case Againt Weight Loss Dieting"


Teale said...

That's why DIETS are out and LIFESTYLE CHANGES are in!

Heather said...

very true! I agree with teale...a diet is just to lose weight and go back to your old behaviors...changing your life and your habits is just that. changing your life.

Carleen said...

hehehe- I guess thats why it has to be a Lifestyle change!!! (as already stated by previous commenters) !!

Lady T said...

u know...thats discouraging to some extent. i've read this before.

ditto to the above commenters....

if you dont change your life then you wont get lasting results.

Honi said...

it is about changing .. evolving.. moving... life style adaptations.. diets.. are dead..

Anonymous said...

I agree :) diets are dead and gone. The most important thing is to change our perception of life and make small but permenant changes to our eating and activity.