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Saturday, January 5, 2008

Motivation From The Pages

My eyes have been healing beautifully. I do need reading glasses now, so I've been experimenting with strengths (one of the lenses poked out of each pair). I have upped the font on the computer screen to 20, too. It's one of the compensations one makes for having presbyopia, even after LASIK.

I'm reading to motivate myself not to stray from the healthy eating plan. (I do need to go shopping for produce, as not having enough tempting veggies and fruits means I end up having too much processed stuff like canned foods and breads and cheese.)

Last month, I took advantage of some specials amazon.com had on magazines to subscribe to Women's Health & Fitness. I also have a sub to Fitness. My WW magazine sub expired, and I may or may not renew. The resources online are pretty nice, and I belong to WW online already, so I may skip the mag altogether. Really, in an age trying to go green, most mags need to offer an online version so we can skip the paper waste.

Two books I'm ordering sometime in the next few days from amazon.com are these:

Diet Blog recommended the first and Pasta Queen the second.

The following is greatly reduced, and I recommend it:

Yes, that's bargain price right now at amazon (6.99) and is a limited time sale. So, that's a great book at a really cheap price. Get it!

I figure I might invest in one book a month for motivational purposes. Between blogs, online mag sites (like Fitness and Self's and Shape's, etc), my online WW site, the free forums, and the books and mags I already get, I think I have more than enough to read if motivation lags.

And, inspired by Chubby Chick's determination to love herself more (and we already know what a nice gal she is), here's a little book--also an amazon bargain book now--with very short, even repetitive meditations to keep us motivated in the direction of kindness (to self and others):

Here's one of meditations:

Celebrate early
Celebrate often
There is plenty of sadness
There is plenty of disappointment

And let's celebrate with healthful foods, while we're at it, right?

Happy weekend, my fatfighting allies!


Me said...

Hey, glad your eyes are feeling better! I've been restraining myself on books because I have to lug them home eventually and I'm also trying to save money, but I do want to get DG's and Pasta Queens books because I read their blogs. I'll see if I can swing it eventually...

Kathy said...

I just recommended the new magazine called "Clean Eating" on my blog. It is far better than WW in my opinion. You can check it out on-line at

Chubby Chick said...

Awww... thanks for the sweet comment! You made me smile. :)

These books look fantastic. I need to read more!

And I'm SO glad to hear that your eyes are healing so nicely!

Take care and have a great weekend! :)

Heather said...

I think that is very true because if you are always surrounding yourself with tools to help you and positive motivational things, then you are more likely to succeed.

Saweetie-Carleen said...

Those all sounds like great books- I may need to check them out...I'm contemplating some surgery on my eyes right now...how was it?
Have a great weekend and enjoy you of your new books!