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Friday, July 2, 2010

Well, a LATE update :) Some bad, some good--but there is a loss!

Dang, time flies. It's been 9 days since I posted? How can that be? It sure feels like a lot fewer days.

It was a very busy weekend due to activities with family and hubby's birthday celebrations--which began on Friday the 25th. He has World Cup fever and I have been dragged into it, somewhat. I was rooting for the US and for Japan, and both are out. So, bummer.

Summer Slimming stuff:

Food: The weekend was a bust. All the birthday yummies (though I had no cake and toned down my passion for bready things). I did have a bad patch with my rotten, hyperreactive immune system and had to go to the doc to get some steroids in me. I'm much better, but I always worry when steroids come into play, as they tend to send my appetite into crazy trajectories. However, I had stocked up on a lot of good, diet-friendly stuff

I have been sporadically on and off the scale, and Sunday (the challenge weigh-in day) showed an uptick (lots and lots of salt will do that) to 264.8. It got worse going to 266.4, which scared me back to my water drinking, I can tell you.

Today, it was a favorable weigh-in: 261.4  

That's a new low recording for this blog. That's lower than what I was in Christmas of 2002.

That's 37.6 pounds off since my high in 2004. That's 27.6 off since I began this blog.

Amazing what getting back to fruit and water will do to debloat. And that's even having soy sauce, as we had an Asian fusion dinner that was a Japanese version of "fajitas"--jasmine rice, hibachi steak in soy butter, sliced portabello mushroom, a really delicious guacamole (just about a tablespoon's worth, sadly), and alo tempura veggies (yes, FRIED onions, broccoli, peppers, and sweet potato), steamed pork gyoza with a soy-based sauce for dipping.  Then Valrhona dark chocolate. Hardly a tiny supper or a challenge-friendly one, but I'd been discreet with breakfast and lunch. I guess it balanced out. Hubby and I split the pricey steak dinner, so I got about 2 ounces of the steak, all the mushroom, less than a cup of rice, and that tablespoon of heavenly guacamole. I had ALL the gyoza (five dumplings) and more than half of the tempura veggies (he only likes the onion and broccoli bits).

I exercised three days last week (as opposed to my usual two). The third was cardio and some walking. Not much, but some. Wanted to go to the pool, but the heat and pollens are making me ill, literally, so I'm hiding indoors.

Water has been iffy. Some days okay, some not. Still not an ingrained good habit there.

I haven't been supportive--sorry, as I've barely been on here. Will try to rectify in the coming days.

So, a setback, but I'm getting back on the horse and hope the holiday weekend isn't another roadblock. Must plan. Must plan. :D

Happy weekend and Independence Day to all the fatfighters out there!


The 50 Best Health Blogs said...

I guess I'm lucky that I've never needed steroids. They sound scary to me. I hope you have a great holiday weekend.


Hannah said...

Man this week wasn't nice to us at all! You did good though. If it were me I'd probably give up after a "bad" meal. But you didn't!
Steroids can be interesting though. I hope this week goes well for you!

Catherine F. said...

Hey, congrats on the record new low for the blog - fantastic! Happy Independence Day for the 4th....

HopeFool said...

Congrats on the new low record!
I'm jealous!

The Better Idiot said...

This whole week has been a bust for me food wise and I saw a truely horrifying number on the scale this morning! Am back to things today I think. Nice job on the weigh in though :)