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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Summer Slimming Challenge: IN THE 250's! But totally lapsing with the elements of challenge

Okay, so I suck at challenges. I didn't journal this week. I didn't drink all my water on all days. And I only exercised 2x. I did some blog support. I had some bad meals (bad meaning ate too much, period, and caved to some sweets.)

But I still did better portion control on the majority of my meals this week, and that was enough to get me into the next decade down with a nice loss, even with chocolate every night. :)

Starting weight for challenge: 267.6
(End of week 1= 265.6, end of 2= 263.2, end of 3=264.8, end of week 4= 262.6)

Today's Weigh-In:  259.6

Loss since last Sunday 3 lbs.

Total Loss for challenge so far: 8 lbs.

So, while I do suck at challenges (ie, I really don't go 100% at it with steely discipline), this one has helped me not stagnate like I had for a year, and for that, I'm really grateful and happy.)

Can I make my goal in 3 weeks and 5 days? Well, yeah. If I'm really good and don't go bonkers, I don't see why not. (Even though I gotta stay indoors cause this summer heat is LITERALLY  making me sick.) Barring a hurricane or someone kidnapping me and force-feeding me, it's all on me, right?

My goal was to get to 250. So, that's nearly ten pounds...ten pounds. I'd have to lose a bit over 3 pounds a week. For me, that's radical. I don't tend to lose that much (this week being kinda flukey). But it's not impossible. So, I'll stay gently optimistic.

Let's have a good week full of sound and healthful choices.


Ali said...

I jsut found your lovely blog. It is gorgeous and you are doing so well. Looking forward to seeing you achieve more of your goals x

Weijourn said...

You had a good loss this week. You're lucky you have a/c and a fan. My son took my fan and I don't have a/c and it's 87 here in my living room. I'm waiting for the sun to go down a bit so I can go sit on the balcony and hopefully cool off if there is a breeze. I've avoided going to the store because I hate that I sweat so much as I go by bike.