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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Summer Slimmin' Challenge: Week 4 Check-in with Momentum Regained, Protein Concerns, New Mindset, and "Independence" in Mind

Okay, so here we are, four weeks in with a bit over a month to go.

While I've not done anywhere near what I would have hoped,  I've made some progress. Yes, I had some setbacks--and week 3  seemed to have jammed up a few of us in this cahllenge--but I'm am partway back on the horse. So, really, not bad, given I've been sick, had major birthday celebrating. On the horse is always better than in the gutter, any day.

Starting weight for challenge: 267.6
(End of week 1= 265.6, end of 2= 263.2, end of 3=264.8)

Today's weigh-in: 262.6

Total loss in four weeks: 5  pounds.

You can see I did NOT give it my all, or I'd be at least 10 pounds down. So, I guess I have it HALF my all. :) In any case, it's lower than I've been in quite a while, certainly since I began this blog, so I'm really pleased, if not ecstatic. heh.

I only exercised twice, but I did make a conscious effort to do more outside the house just to get my body MOVING, rather than couch-sitting. In fact, part of what this challenge has done for me is force me to think about overall activity. I've done more, tried new things (bumper boat rides, go karts, dance dance revolution) and just tried to focus on more activity. The illness set me back and I had to avoid the insane heat/pollens for several days when I had swimming planned (and I haven't been in a pool in more then two decades), but the mindset is here. GO AND DO STUFF, MOVE, BURN CALORIES, USE MUSCLE. :)

Today's weigh-in is higher than I was Friday, which was 261.4. And sure it was my own fault. I had maybe 3 cups of water yesterday, instead of the recommended 8. We took our nephew out and had his fave, Chinese, and the beef with bean sprouts, won ton soup, and steamed pork dumplings dipped in that ginger soy sauce, well, there was bound to be a sodium uptick.Fair enough.  And my snack for supper included cheddar cheese and FiberGourmet cheese crackers. I really am reckless with salt ingestion. Ah, well.

My goal is to be in the 250's--at last--by next weigh-in. Oh, man, that will mean a lot to me. Hitting 259 will mean I've lost 40 pounds total, and I never, ever, ever in my whole life lost more than 30 pounds, and I certainly never kept that off for even a year. I've done very well keeping off 20, and had a bumpy road keeping more than 25 off, so being close to a milestone loss and a new decade should be decent motivation for this coming week.

I really need to push on three fronts: adequate water and varied and more exercise and on keeping my protein intake adequate. I've started to gaze longingly again at starches and I've had many strictly vegetarian meals where it's harder to get in the protein. Even if I have to succumb to my stock of protein powders, I'll just do that to make sure I don't risk my expensive and hard-won muscle mass.

To all my fellow Summer Slimmin' challengers, I wish you all well for this coming week.

As we remember the courage it took for our nation's founders and early citizens and residents to gain a new and freer government, let's be courageous in freeing ourselves from the tyranny of fat, the shame of gluttony and sloth, and just plain old bad habits. I'm thinking of the many ways I need to gain freedom, the different sorts of shackles other than fat. I need to be my life's own George Washington!


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Deb said...

I'm right there with you! I need to get back to my plan and keep going. We can do this!