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Sunday, July 25, 2010

MILESTONE: Lost 40 Pounds, finally!

Okay, I thought yesterday was Sunday. hahahahha. I got ahead of myself with the SUMMER SLIMMIN' CHALLENGE check-in.

But that's fine. At least I did check in.

Today, I hit a milestone I've been so looking forward to. I've lost 40 pounds. Yay.

I weighed in at 258.6.

So, 40.4 pounds to be exact.

The extra protein is totally helping.

Today, hubby wanted a burrito, so we did a LIME takeout. I was afraid I'd do my bingey thing like I usually do with Italian or Mexican (my two major bingey fave cuisines). Nope. I ate a good amount of the lower carb South Beach beef burrito I ordered. But I didn't finish it. This is a RARE occurrence, having leftover burrito. Me loves burrito!!!

I left about 1/4th, which I wrapped for a leftover snack. I didn't finish the guacamole (I usually do) or the salsa (I usually do) and I didn't have a single tortilla chip. I had a few mouthfuls of refried beans, and have plenty for high fiber snacking.

Really happy I didn't go nuts.

Hoping my last two SS Challenge weigh-ins are satisfying ones.

This is a new week. Let's be very good to our bodies....


Felipa said...

Congrats!!!! I just hit the 40 mark a week or two ago, doesn't it feel AWESOME?

BTW, I'm on MFP as well, if you want to find me my user name is Jenks.

Lynda with a Y said...

Wow. 40 pounds is great and pretty significant. Congrats!!

Cozy in Texas said...

Congrats on your weight loss. 40 pounds is a great achievement
Less of Me

Catherine F. said...

Hey super well done, not only with the 40lbs, but also with the change in the eat mexican challenge!

Midori Mighty Warrior said...

*High five!* Way to go on getting rid of 40 pounds:)

Good job on beating your Mexican temptation! Mine is Chinese - I almost always binge when I go out to a restaurant serving Chinese cuisine ;o)

Traci said...

Woho!!!!! 40 pounds is so amazing! Great job hitting that milestone.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your weight loss!

foolsfitness said...

40 pounds! way to rock it! and also with being so mindful in making good portion choices.

About the artwork... I might be able to come to an agreement with you for doing a drawing for you. email articicle (the swishy at thing) yahoo then a dot com.

the other was done as mail art in thanks to a friend.

At Foolsfitness we are honored you like the artwork on the walls of our gym!- Alan

Mark said...

Congratulations on reaching 40 pounds!

That's great, but the real success is the self-control you showed around food that you would normally binge on. That is truly impressive.

Keep it up :)

Lora said...

AWESOPME ~ 40 pounds! You go girl!

Tummy Tuck said...

OMG!!! Congratulations!!! Keep it up :) Before long it would be just maintaining the weight! :)

Carla said...


Also, just wanted to drop by and say hi. I use to blog a LONG time ago but am starting up a new blog. I hope you'll stop by. :)

-Carla at asthescaleturns.com