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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

THE BIGGEST LOSER'S Aubrey Made Me Mad and Carla Made Me Sad

I toggled between THE BIGGEST LOSER last night and AMERICAN IDOL. (Hubby is an AI fan, I didn't want to miss all of TBL, and I refuse to record shows. It's like robbing the future to me in an odd way. It has to be some real treasure for me to bring out the record function. And I haven't recorded anything in, oh, a couple years or more.)

I'd like to say that Aubrey has some fricken nerve. There, said it.

Joelle has been annoying for a while, so it's not surprising she was in some sort of vacant-stare denial, yet again. I really think she has some sort of weird issue--don't know if it's depression or what, but there is somethign really off about Joelle and her reaction and her masklike face. If I were her, I'd head to a doc and get checked out. I mean that seriously, too. Apathy and that sort of frozen look can be symptoms. I get that way when my thyroid is out of range and when I'm really depressed.

So, Joelle's leaving is not unjust. And Carla had a right to be ticked off. You could see how very much Carla wanted to get healthy at the ranch (and on her own). You could taste her desire to stay. Sad. So sad she had to go.

However, I do think that she had the wrong attitude at follow-up reunion. Deciding you have the right to start tongue-lashing someone yet again--no matter how much they hurt you--is no way to make progress. Venting may have felt good, but it wasn't going to get any epiphanies out of Joelle or anyone. Sorry, I wouldn't sit there and let you rip on me, either, not in public. Take it private, sort it out, or agree to go your separate ways. Hash it out in private, then go on camera if you want to explain what happened. But the camera makes a public event of what I consider totally a private one, and that felt a bit too weirdly voyeuristic a moment for me.

Now, Aubrey: Who the hell is she, Miss I lost Two Pounds In A month When I Was Supposedly Working Out Four Hours A Day, to rip on Joelle the way she did about slacking off? Is this hypocritical or what?

I agree that she, like the other contestants, had the right to ASK questions about commitment and rationales in order to make the BEST choice of who to boot, but she had no moral right to act like she's the queen of 100% effort. She totally turned into a very unappealing person in that moment, and part of me hope she ends up on the chopping block next time for that little ugly bit of her real self showing. Although, part of me wonders if her going off on Joelle was really a strange psych thing of her berating her own self for her poor efforts at home.

Could be, ya know?

I hope Carla reaches her goal of being the woman to lose the most weight on the show. She's got gumption. I'd like to see her succeed. And even if she and Joelle never patch things up, I hope they can forgive each other in their own hearts and move one healthfullly.



Jim Purdy said...

Believe it or not, I've never watched The Biggest Loser, not even two seconds of it.

However, the way you describe it, I don't think I've missed anything.

It sounds like a bunch of crazy people.

I don't think I'll watch it any time soon.

Sister Moon said...

Yes, Aubrey was so annoying last night! She must have been trying to make herself feel better after looking so bad at the return weigh-in. Not attractive behavior!!

CJ said...

I totally agree with you about Aubrey. Kind of being a hypocrite I think. As for Joelle. I don't think there is anything wrong with her other than being lazy and selfish. It was obvious this is how she's done things all her life. The more she runs her mouth, the less she has to do. She even said that Carla would be carrying them this week before the weigh in. No, she's just lazy, manipulative, and selfish!

I felt so bad for Carla but she will succeed. I could tell she had lost a lot since the show, but I couldn't tell that Joelle had lost a thing. I would've wanted an explanation. Joelle just couldn't handle the fact that everyone expected her to be accountable for her own actions. Obviously that's never happened in her life before.

Oh, sorry for the rant. It just made me mad last night. But, I guess that's what the show is hoping for, huh? Thanks for the post though!

chubby said...

I'm glad I found other BL fans out here! Aubrey...she has nerve. I was glad to see Bob sort of tell her off when she was making excuses for her 2 lb loss, but the for her to turn around and do the same thing to Joelle publicly....she has no class thats all I have to say about her! Carla is a beautiful woman, very determined, I dont blame her for what she did. Joelle ruined all of her chances to finally lose weight. With that said, I think she'll do just fine at home. As for Joelle, she does appear to have issues. Her arrogance and inability to claim responsibility would lead me to believe they might be more mental than physical...but hey Im not a doctor, nor do I play one on tv.
Am I the only one who finds the girl who has been there the whole time from the green team (sorry cant remember her name offhand) somewhat abrasive?
Anyhow, I love the show...its very inspirational, I even made yesterday my first weigh in day!

JC said...

When I was watching Joelle on the show and at the follow up. I think she has some serious mental issues and really needs help. I would think the people doing the show would recognize that. One thing I find missing on the show is the lack of a mental health professional. I think some people on that show, Joelle included need more help that what Bob and Jillian can dispense.

Yes, I'm playing catch up on blog reading today.

Heather said...

totally agree! aubrey is not one to talk - she also had some denial in herself as well. plus she hadnt been on the ranch, so she really shouldnt have been the first to just jump on her. with that said, it is too bad that joelle couldnt get herself together, but the reality is, thats how a lot of people are. they are just not ready. it sucks that she wasted this opportunity and ruined it for carla, but I guess this shows the reality of it (and the orange team guy), that people think they want to lose weight, but dont want to put the effort in. its not for everyone. and its too bad.