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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

X-Weighted and Marichu

This is a repeat episode from 2007, but it does show what being a junk food/take-out junkie will do to your body. Both Anthony and Marichu (the Mrs.) were obese. They were also clearly feeling the damage to one's self-esteem that so often comes with being so large.

Marichu had to deal with clutter issues, and not just body clutter--house clutter. (I'm a hoarder, so I know of clutter .) And you could see that the pain of change was weighing on her as much as her fat. She was very weepy and her face was this harrowing mask of depression. Hard to watch.

She couldn't even celebrate her 32 pound loss at the mid-point weigh-in (at three months). Honey, 32 pounds in 3 months is a VERY good weight loss rate. Are you kidding me?

I wanted to slap her.

But I realize that she felt she was working so hard that she should have lost, I dunno, 50?

Not how it works. Fat comes on as easy as pie, goes off harder than heck.

It's such a shame she couldn't jump up and down with joy for that 32 lb loss. I got so tired of hearing, "Was it worth it?" Yeah. If you didn't gain, if you lost, it's worth it, cause not doing anything, girl, just makes you FATTER.

I should add her hubby was also not celebratory over losing 36 lbs in 3 months. What is with these people? Do they have SAD or something?

At the end, they both lost big, looked better, made inroads into making their lives more vital and enjoyable. Marichu in part did this by passing her second attempt at her lifeguard test (she failed 3 of 4 tests the first time). And Anthony did it by engaging in kickboxing and realizing he'd been so miserable for years, but that he could be happy again. (Marital issues came to the fore, as it's bound to when people start to assess and make changes to their lives.)

It was really great to see Marichu and Anthony both look so much more alive--their faces no longer tragic masks. And the kids now have so much of a better shot at NOT becoming as obese as their parents, as they learn to cook healthful meals and learn to enjoy fruits and veggies, instead of just consuming fast food fare.

Final tally: Marichu lost 66 lbs (originally weighed 245, ended up at 179) and a total of 26 inches. Anthony lost 63 pounds (original weighed 347) and a total of 22 inches. Man, she beat him. How 'bout that?

At the finale, Marichu was able to glow and smile and show elation. She looked great after the makeover (hair and clothes). The frumpy, uberwhiny, hangdog-faced depressed housewife was gone. The Girl was back!


Now, that was 2007 the show first aired (and I don't know if that means the weight loss occurred in 2006 or 2007). But I would like to know how they're doing now. Have they lost more? Have they maintained? Have they regained?

One thing I hate about these weight loss programs--X-Weighted, You Are What You Eat, to a lesser extent The Biggest Loser--is that they don't do adequate follow-up. As a viewer, I'm interested in what happens when real life strikes.

After all, the ranch is not real life. It's...intervention. It's...treatment.

I'd like regular follow-ups of ALL the contestants to see the ones who succeeded AFTER the show ends. The ones who keep it off, they're the ones to learn from, frankly. But I think it's important to see the ones who do not succeed in maintaining, because we learn from that, too. I know the first TBL follow-up was too upbeat and felt like a whitewash. Subsquent ones reported online were less slanted.

While I don't know how this couple is continuing to do, if her facebook photo is anything to go by, Marichu is doing great and looking faboo. Gives a gal hope. :)

I think one of the good things of shows like this one is the clear depiction of how losing weight can impact so much of a person's life. Fat gets in the way. I know that fat-acceptance folks mean really well. But fat gets in the way of doing so much, of going places, of feeling able to stretch into new avenues. I know fat encapsulates me in more ways than the physical.

Marichu's story--and Anthony's--show how getting leaner and stronger opens doors to living.


UPDATE: The original Anthony/Marichu show re-aired today (I watched part while having a snack), and I thank Beth for giving the heads-up in the comments section about an update. If you are curious about what happened to this couple AFTER the show, go here and scroll down for the follow-up info.


Herbalife Las Vegas said...

Great blog, great info!! I will keep following this blog. I like it. Weight loss is soo hard.

Vickie said...


always seem to go hand in hand (I wonder if there have been any studies done on this) and that is a big part of why just working on the weight doesn't work (in my opinion). The weight is the part that is very visible. Most of us hide the $$$ and the clutter by not letting too many people in to see the mess.

I would not go by facebook - Erik from TBL said that he hid behind his skinny facebook picture and no one knew that he had regained over half his weight (until he went on Oprah)

Anonymous said...

Read your blog about the X-weighted couple (Anthony & Marichu) and thought it was interesting..but you only hit on some of the points. The filming of this episode started in October 06 & finished April 07...aired August 07. Want to know more? Ask me, I know more about it than most people...:-D

Once Upon A Dieter said...

Well, anon, I'd ask, but you didn't leave a blog conection. :( Feel free to comment more.

Anonymous said...

What would you like to know? Would you like to know how they got onto the show? What has happened since?

PrincessDieter said...

Hi, again!

Well, have they continued to do well--diet-wise, emotionally. When shows give you a close glimpse into the heartaches/trials/obstacles of people, I tend to wonder, "Well, are they still progressing? Did the weight come back? Did the marriage continue to improve or did they split?"

Wish they did follow-ups, but I also wonder if the people themselves just want to be left alone. Hmm.

Thanks for replying.

Anonymous said...

Regarding PrincessDieter's thoughts..

The marriage did not continue, they are in the process of getting a divorce. As for the weightloss battle, it is still ongoing and not an easy thing to do.

Brianne said...

Hey you wanted follow-ups? We got them!

www.xweighted.com just launched and each week we are posting two new follow-ups for our past participants! Marichu and Anthony will be up in a couple weeks!

In other news, we are casting families for our 5th season! Please help spread the word and repost info where you see fit!

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Beth said...

I see someone posted about this, I just saw this episode myself and was curious about follow up. Google led me to you and to http://xweighted.ca/participants/season-two. There you can read about Marichu!

Chloe said...

Hello Everybody!! We're still casting for X-Weighted:Families, so if you're part of a family that would like to lose weight and get healthy please go to
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Contact us if your family:
• Is sick of living an unhealthy lifestyle and wants to make positive changes,
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