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Sunday, August 26, 2007

No-Noshing Knight Tactic: Keeping Hands Busy

So, here's our intreped knight, standing before the castle door, making sure no unwanted calories sneak in, barge in, push in, or otherwise gain entrance into the Princess Dieter's mouth.

Today's tactic: Decluttering my magazine collection while watching tv.

Yes. TV watching is one of the main trouble areas for dieters. So much so, that some weight loss specialists advice cutting back to no more than one to two hours a day and never, ever eating in front of it.

Well, we use trays. Our dining room table is our pantry, sort of. We have a teeny, tiny kitchen, so my fruits and non-refrigerated stuff goes on the table. Right now, it's overflowing with produce from a grocery run. Crackers and sweeteners and condiments and some mail is there, too. We haven't eaten on this table in years. (And I know, I know, I need to declutter THAT soon.)

So, we have a pair of very nice, shiny, wood tray tables and we eat in the living room together, he on his table, me at mine, watching something on the telly.

Today, anytime I was there other than eating, I was ripping through my enormous collection of magazines--some I found were from 1990, and the last time I purged my collection was about then, so it makes sense.

I got file folders in different colors, and I tore out any article that had to do with:

1. healthful recipes
2. weight loss makeovers
3. health and dieting reports
4. art and literature
5. getting organized
6. exercise and fitness

I ended up filling three big paper shopping bags from the grocery store of discarded magazine bits. I ended up filling the folders, most of them, so now I have a handy set of files to go to when I need a recipe, some motivational tips, a look at before and afters, some decluttering advice and systems, and some work-out routines.

Plus, tearing magazines has gotta burn a few more calories than sitting like a lump, huh?

That was my tactic for today. And, given how many magazines I still have left to go through, may keep my hands busy for a few more days or the rest of the week when I'm watching one of our fave shows on the boob tube.

What's your tactic for not snacking/noshing/bingeing in front of the TV?


1 comment:

Pelikan said...

Do you want tips of what to do when watching TV or instead of watching? I like embroidery, ironing, knitting and painting in front of the TV (Cooking, had I had a TV in the kitchen...) I find it difficult to keep my hands still, doing nothing.

But usually I don't have the time to watch the TV. Cooking, eating, doing the dishes, sewing (the machine is loader than the TV...), playing computer games and working out take too much time.