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Thursday, August 2, 2007

Visited Endo & Got Prayer Winging UP

Big downpours yesterday when I met with the endocrinologist. (I have Hashimoto's Thyroiditis and Metabolic Syndrome, ugh). My liver enzymes were off (fatty liver) and my triglycerides and LDH were high. (Thankfully the total cholesterol had gone down a bit and the HDL was in good range, and the ratio was fine. And my pressure was 110/70. I'll take the good news from wherever it comes!)

Since I can't be put on statins again (they made me suffer pain for years and started affecting my liver, so I was taken off more than a year ago. I noticed an immediate clearing of my brain when they did that. The "brain fog" lifted. Those things may control cholesterol and inflammation great, but they do a number on your ability to think clearly and they hate your liver.)

I asked some pals to pray for me to get back on a sound eating plan and get some of the poundage off. I'm one of those folks who believes in the power of intercessory prayer, so I immediately got on the prayer alert. (Plus, it does give me the warm fuzzies to know some folks care enough to do that for me, ya know?)

Tomorrow I see my G.P., and we'll discuss the ongoing monitoring.

The endo did suggest I see a shrink about my recurring bouts of depression. I've had depression issues since childhood. (The first time I remember wanting to kill myself during one was when I was NINE.) Fortunately, after a really bad time the year I was 20 (when even my pulmonary specialist--I've been severely asthmatic since infancy--suggested I get the depression checked out), I was on a good, steady course with only mild blue funks for about a decade. But in my thirties, with my immune system gone really whack (and my having to quit my job as a virtual "respiratory cripple"), the really dark pockets of "the black" starting back. They only lasted a few weeks, maybe a month, then they'd pass and I'd feel okay. (Never manic. I don't swing up, just get level.) When the breathing got better in my late thirties, the mood thing got better.

And when one is one strong medications, it's easy to think, "Maybe it was the drugs."

But now, with perimenopause, I've had at least a couple of serious dips a year, and the doc thinks it's impeding my weight loss and I need to consider anti-depressants.

She may be right. I hate to start taking another drug with more side effects (I'm on a pack of prescriptions now as is), but it's worth talking to a professional and see what we can do to keep me from dipping into a low again and sabotaging my progress.

So, yeah, prayer. Me needs it. :)

Today, though, thank God, my mood is great (despite the bad lab result news) and as soon as I have a healthy breakfast (fresh organic juice, power blueberry protein waffles with fresh blueberries and cottage cheese), it's back to work.

I hope you all who've dropped by have a fabulous day full of health and joy. And you lose a bit of weight, too.


Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say Good Luck! I know how hard it can be to lose weight. The medicine I'm on fights with me daily!!


Fit Club Scott said...

Good luck on your goals.

There is some recent evidence that folks with metabolic syndrome can benefit from a low carb approach to dieting. I'm definitely not a low carb junkie, but the studies do look promising, as they point to the culprit possible being hyerinsulinemia. If this is the case, lots of carbs would definitely not help the situation. I'm going to try to eliminate most processed refined carbs while including more vegetables and fruits.

My wife also has Hashimotos and her throid levels have responded very positively to more exercise. She tends to need lower doses of synthroid when she's been on a exercise program.


Lady Rose said...

Definitely sending you lots of warm fuzzies and prayers **HUGS**

Doesn't hurt to look into anti depressant and give it a try perhaps. A woman here are work started on them and says they changed her life (and she did end up losing a ton of weight effortlessly).

Actually I should be taking my own advice -- though my depression hasn't been so bad lately. But still the next doctor visit I really do need to discuss it with her.

Health and Happiness, Lady Rose

*ccc* said...

Big hugs, your highness.

I feel like I have no right to ask God for anything else, since all I can seem to ask him for (constantly) is the health of my grandfather and my doggie, but maybe He won't mind if I ask for one more thing...

You'll be in my prayers. Best wishes to you!

Mirtika said...

Aw, thanks all.

And CCC, God loves grandpas and doggies, so He's happy to get those prayers.


HELLO! said...

hi(: juz passing by! good luck on your diet! pls visit this vegetarian restaurant site too! haha i think veggies are less fat filled. xD

Mary said...


I stumbled upon your blog via a link from Cranky Fitness's blog. It's like looking into a mirror. Except for the prince, damnit. (Bitter? Naah. Maybe a tad cynical. But not bitter.)

One thing a naturopath taught me was to look at the level of anti-thyroid antibodies (the ones that lead my doctor to a diagnosis of Hashimoto's despite my TSH of 4.1). I've read that the levels of these antibodies, which attack your thyroid, fluctuate in your bloodstream. Some people have speculated that these fluctuations are caused by a general inflammation response. This is all vague, anecdotal and non-scientific (mostly because I can't remember where I bookmarked the links to the research). But on my own anecdotal evidence, I've found that increasing the levels of Omega-3 oils in my diet seems to correlate to a sharp decrease in the level of thyroid auto-antibodies.

Something to consider, at any rate. Good luck!

Once Upon A Dieter said...

THANKS. I notice that I do have flare-ups, which come with a tightening in my throat feeling (so that it's harder to lie with a head on a pillow) and a general sense of fatigue. And shortly thereafter, my numbers show I need more meds. This seems to suggest that I'm having phases of thyroiditis (active inflammation), leading ot more destruction of the thyroid.

Pain in the ...neck.

I can't take fish oils (due to allergry), and flax oil gives me awful tummy and gas issues, so I've cut back on those suppplements. I may need to see if I can start at lower liquid flax and work up a tolerance to it.

Princess Dieter