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Friday, December 12, 2008

The Good, the Bad, and the Thumb-Sore Princess!

Well, we did it. We went to a taiko drumming class.

Images of hunky Prince Nuada got me through Taiko tonight. More on that later:

Hubby and I went together. It was coolish and rainy, which turned out to be a blessing, cause it was in a warehousey place with no a/c (just fans). First, 15 minutes of exercise (tough, she even included the Pilates hundred!) and stretches (not as bad). Then 70 minutes of nearly straight heavy pounding on big drums. I thought I was gonna DIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! Sweating piglike and what-not, trying to hold the proper leg position, arm position, head and torso straight. OHMIGOSH. Hard! But fun.

(Pilates training for five months got me through it. Before Pilates, I would have pooped out 15 minutes in or sooner, I swear. Having a better core control/strength was essential for holding the stance/posture.)

My left thumb is still numb--must be holding it wrong in that hand--and I couldn't hold my drink at supper. My hands were shaking and weak. My shoulders are burning. My thighs are exhausted. And my ears felt right after the class like on a plane--all sort of clogged up. I'm still a little ear-stuffy. heh.

Toward the end, when I just was totally about to just give up, I called upon that image of Prince Nuada training hard in the sewers of NYC, and heard him tell me to stop being a wuss and get on with it. A psychological tip, yes, but it worked. There was one rhythmic thing I just didn't nail, but for a first class/total beginner, I done good.

I'm gonna think about whether I'll continue. I don't do well in hot places (I get hot flashes and have heat intolerance issues due to medications I take plus the obesity). Hubby wants to. We'll see. It will interfere with my Friday Pilates. (I went sore to drumming from Wednesday's workout.) If I do it, I'll go to 2x a week Pilates, and only drum during the next two or three cooler months.

I am so going to be killer sore tomorrow. But I got exercise and learned a new thing. Pretty cool.

Too bad I had a Whopper right after. We didn't have supper before, and got out at 10pm, so I was like, "First drive-thru, we're going in." I'll have to plan better and nix junky food, or I'll undo all the good work.

So, anyone up for trying some unusual new exercise? :)



Squishy ! said...

That drumming sounds really cool! I'm going to have to look and see if there is something like that around my area.

Oh, and whoppers happen. lol I normally eat a Jr. Whopper from time to time. If I ever start to feel bad about it, then I look at the nutritional information for the fast food joints chicken sandwiches. *wink* It makes that little hamburger look beautiful.

Fab Kate said...

I am SOOOOO jealous! I've been promising the kids we'd take up Taiko as a family for a while now, but we just haven't been able to afford it.

Once Upon A Dieter said...

I was surprised at the cost. It's a once a week beginner's class, and it's $20 bucks per session. Considering it's 90+ minutes, that's not pricey. Heck, Pilates is way, way more than that for 55 mins. :)
I hope you guys can do it, Kate. Maybe after surgery when you feel better and slimmer. It definitely is great for a family, the communal thing.

Squishy, I am amazed at what these joints do to chicken sometimes. Wow. But I have to admit. I enjoyed that Whopper. I hadn't had a Whopper in like 12 years, and this month I've had two. I've had cravings. How strange.


Lyn said...

That's so cool that hubby went with you! Sounds like a good workout. I am sticking with my recumbent bike...

And I wanted to thank you for always being such a great supportive friend. And for your prayers, which lift me up. Thank you so much. Your kindness is appreciated!! {{{hugs}}}