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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Struggling to Get Back on Track

Dang, I was gone another couple months, huh?

Lemme just spew it out now: I went off the wagon big time. Regained, at one point, 10 pounds!

I lost five of them, and am working to find my balance and groove once more.

It was a bit stressful round here, not knowing if we were going to have a household income, not knowing if we were gonna have to move across the continent (Seattle and San Diego were both possibilities), away from all my family and memories. Budgeting. Home repair woes. Etc. Stress!

But, God is good. Hubby got a good job with a local branch of a tech company. I can continue to buy organic groceries--for now. Hah! With the crazy rise in food prices, I may have to ration even that.

Sadly, I'm not feeling much "weight loss mojo" today. Still, I feel a tiny bit, and that's better than none at all--which is what I felt for two months. But I figure I better start blogging (even if less consistently), so as to start getting out of the inertia that has had me overeating and regaining and skipping my daily infusion of blog support (both in the getting and the giving). I refuse to throw in the towel.

So, sorry for the AWOL status.

I'd like to ask any of y'all who believe in prayer or good vibes or positive thoughts to aim some at our dear fellow fatfighting blogger Lyn of Escape from Obesity blog. She's having a rough time. In fact, it was reading her entry (after being absent from blog-reading for a spell) that reminded me that we do have a community out here, and that we care.

I ask the Lord's blessing on all of us having a hard time--whether it's with jobs, weight loss, family, health, or natural disasters. God, give us strength and perseverance, give us special mercies, help us find peace and a way out of whatever is pressing down on us. Amen.


Heather said...

glad you are back! I know when things get stressful for me, its hard to focus on weight loss. those 10 pounds arent much to worry about, I know once you get back o ntrack they will be a thing of the past. this is life, and sometimes it gets in the way.

Lyn said...

Oh wow, I came to check on you and saw this. I have missed you while you were gone. ANd I want to thank you SO MUCH for your very kind and supportive comments on my blog. I have drawn so much strength from the comments people have left me. Things are still really rough in my life. Really, exceedingly bad (as far as the relationship with DH goes) but it has to get better at some point, with or (most likely) without him.

I am sorry to read about your struggles. I will keep you in my prayers! Hugs...

Trish said...

I love your blog...I just stumbles across yours by clicking on the favorites that Heather had listed. I've just started on my weight loss journey. I look forward to watching and reading your progress.
Come by and visit me.

Trish Medlin