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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

"Princess"--A Song About Anorexia

"I know a princess, and she died when she stopped eating."

"She's not thin, she's not thin, she's...NOTHING."

It's terrible that this is what happens in the minds of so many women. Not thin = nothing. Hey, I've had days when I've felt that way. But not years and not a lifetime, like some. It can only lead to a certain self-destruction, that sort of self-loathing, self-diminution.

That's why I applaud everyone who sends the message, "Lose weight, but lose it healthfully. Lose it to live longer, not to be a fashionista. Lose it to live more vibrantly, not to fit a predetermined mold. Lose it to gain a life, not lose it."

It's a rough little video, but I think the song is delivered very authentically, and the message is certainly timely.

We're something. Even if we're not thin.

So says THIS Princess.

If the book THORNYTORINX by Camille de Peretti--which inspired this song--ever comes to the US in English, I'll buy a copy.

1 comment:

Heather said...

this post is important, because having a sister with an ED, I cannot even describe to you how important it is for people to know that weight doesnt matter, health does.