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Friday, June 20, 2008

Shape Lovers in South Florida: Calorie-Controlled Meals

In an effort to get back on track--cause, really, I am just sooooo not feeling it--I just signed up for a different diet meals delivery service: Shape Lovers. The link will show you next week's menu.

It's only one meal a day I'll get(lunch or dinner, as I choose to use it), but it'll be balanced, with diet-friendly portions and calorie counts.

I know. Lazy Princess. Princess spending too much money!

I had to do something, folks.

I just have not felt like cooking lately.

I have not felt like weighing and measuring and being meticulous. I have circles under my eyes from sleeping poorly. My energy levels suck.

I had to do something.

And, yes, I don't want to be tempted to take the easy fat-chick route: gorge on easy delivery stuff like pizza and Chinese.

So, this is something to help me transition. I'll still make the easy meals: breakfast and lunch. Those are usually a snap: I keep 'em simple--soups, salads, oatmeal, eggs, whole grain English muffins, sandwiches, fresh fruits). Dinner tends to be my downfall. I always get loony with that last meal. If I binge, that's the one.

The food has a Latin flair, so that suits me. I grew up eating Cuban food, and I miss it. I consider it comfort food. It'll be nice to have the low-fat versions for a change. I hope they keep to my two restrictions: no ground turkey dishes (I gag at the stuff, seriously) and no seafood dishes. I have a really bad allergy to seafood, as in EMERGENCY ROOM bad. I have to carry around an epi-pen, just in case. I've had bad reactions twice--once for tuna, once for scallops. I learned my lesson.

I haven't had seafood in 10 1/2 years. (Argh!) I cannot begin to tell you how tough that is in Miami, given how much fabulous seafood there is down here and how many great restaurants that specialize in the beauties of the ocean.

It's torture.

I used to eat seafood at least twice a week. Whenever I ate out with hubby, it was generally seafood. Loved shrimp and scallops and corvina and red snapper and my trusty tuna fish lunches. Gosh, I miss the stuff! Especially since seafood is a big frined to the dieter, if it's cooked sanely, not fried or covered in cream sauces or dipped/soaking/slathered in butter.

Sniff. Boo hoo.


I'm hoping between slightly scaled down organic food delivery and this 5x-per-week, one-meal service that I can find my way back to the Major Fat-Fighting Mojo highway.

God, please just take about 3/4th's of my appetite away. That would help oodles. Thanks.


Anyone out there used this service in South Florida? The Miami Herald ran an article some months back and that's how I heard about them. I might report back. Especially if it's tasty.

Oh, and did I mention each meal includes a sugar-free dessert? MmmmmMMMmmmmm. Soup, entree, side dish and...dessert! (I hear their version of mango cheesecake rocks. I hope they have that soon.)

Here's to yet another tool. The price will be worth it to me if it satisfies, especially if readjusting to diet portions kickstarts me in a good way.

I hold the hope. Every day.

Happy weekend to all!


paintmedioxazine said...

ooooh, i wish they had something like that here in Philly. when i get home from work i'm usually pretty lazy about making a decent meal - and end up skipping it altogether or having a snack like string cheese and apple sauce or something. anyway, it doesn't sound like it gets much better than diet friendly latin food delivered! i'm sure you'll get the drive to get back on the "Major Fat-Fighting Mojo highway" (=

Heather said...

I hope it works out for you! I know that I would love something like that sometimes, because its exhausting always having to come home and cook healthy and it is easy to reach for a lean cuisine or something even worse, and it would be nice ot have a healthy meal prepared already.

Anonymous said...

Hola Fellow South Floridian =)

Just came across your blog. That meal plan sounds AMAZING and easy. Gotta love easy! You have to let me know what you think about it & if its worth it!

Good Luck!

Lyn said...

That sounds yummy. DO whatever it takes to get back in control. It's worth it.

I am allergic to some seafood too (shellfish). It sucks!! I miss shrimp. Ah well, we have to make due with chicken I guess.

Never give up :)

The Better Idiot said...

How have the new meals been working for you? Inquireing minds want to know!