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Monday, April 12, 2010

Nutrition Tracker Guiding Supplementation--and where I'm lagging, again--and Pilates during Allergy Season; Kirstie Annoys Me

So, I'm tracking my nutrition. So far, today I'm on target for calories for breakfast, snack, and lunch--1250, which leaves me 600 to 750 for dinner (I'm aiming at 2000 calories or fewer).

I'm high for salt (the cold cuts in my lunch sammie) and way low for water (but I'm sitting here with a tall 24 ounce glass of filtered water). I was also low on zinc and magnesium and vitamin D, but I took supplements with lunch as soon as I noticed that on my Sparkpeople nutrition breakdown. (I am always low on zinc and some others, so I just got me supplements and work with that. The Ionic Zinc in liquid form is dreadful. I gotta put it in a very strong juice to get it down, something like Acai-berry blend or Goji. Horrible stuff. My vitamin D is in gummy form, yum.)

Yes, I'm working on being committed and focused. :)

Pilates was tough, but good. I have a different trainer--she's great, though-- while my regular one is on snowboarding vacation. :)  In the midst of this horrific allergy season, some positions are harder due to just having more congestion. I do load up the meds before going--Singulair, Vick's nasal inhaler, Advair, Albuterol inhaler, green tea and coffee, which do help open airways, ya know. I take my  Zyrtec before bed, so that it keeps me clear for sleep and so the appetite-increasing effects bother me less.

I wish I could afford 4x a week personal training, cause I always feel that wonderful sense of achievement after I get through a hard, hard workout. And I never work that hard on my own. I just am not good at self-pushing when it comes to exercise.

On the exercise front, I caught an episode and a half of Kirstie Alley's new reality show. And she is not making me like her. I liked her in Cheers and Veronica's Closet and in a couple films. I think she's funny. I thought she was an amusing spokeswoman in those commercials for Jenny Craig a few years back. But on her show, she really comes across as...immature. Isn't this woman older than me? I'm not feeling it. And I"m not feeling encouraged by her journey, so I doubt I'll tune in again. Never know.

And I did visit that Organic Liaison site she plugs on her show, and I was turned off. A bunch of supplements that are likely overpriced (didn't bother to look that far into it). Anyone using that stuff?

And what happened to Carnie's show? Did they cancel it? I caught two episode and part of a third, and it started to feel very...staged. Fakey. So I tuned out.
It would be lovely to have a reality "Celebrity's weight loss journey" show that actually inspires me.

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