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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Great Music to Move Your Body To: Kaskade - Step One Two (Official Music Video)

I've been felled by the swine flu. I'm on my 12th day of feeling like poopoo-caca, complete with a tsunami of phegm, a torrent of snot, a cacophony of face-purpling coughing, moments of chills, spasms of headaches, and long sleepless stretches. I assume I'll gain some, rather than lose, as I've been guzzling juice and soups like there's no reckoning. And pudding. And tiramisu and mashed potatoes, which seem to be comfort foods this time around.

Since I haven't been able to do Pilates for two weeks, and after 1 week of just sitting on my butt (sleeping sitting up, too), my legs started to swell from lack of proper circulation. So, I put on Kaskade, get in the shower to get some steam in my lungs, and just move a bit (bend over, twist around, dance as best as I can around coughing/spitting fits).The shower is a good place if you have to constantly spit up while dancing. :) And if I get dizzy, I can lean on the tiled walls.

This is all the exercise I can manage right now, and it's mostly just to keep blood flowing and not pooling in my lower extremities.

But if you like to dance for your workout, I highly recommend Strobelite Seduction by Kaskade. Fabulous chill dance/electronica, with some lovely female voices (like Haley Gibby who sings on my faves, such as Step One Two , the above video). The whole record has great "move to it" tunes that aren't so loud or jarring as to make you run for Vivaldi. :)

Hope you all avoid this bug. It's AWFUL.

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