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Sunday, November 9, 2008

Finally decided on when to weigh in...

After tossing around Fri and Sat as days to consider, I decided the FIRST day of the week would be appropos metaphorically. So, it's Sunday.

Weighing in, well, I forget sometimes. It's easy to just head for breakfast than wend to the depths of the hinterlands of my home. I had to set up the scale way back in the storage area (no a/c, cluttered), because there's no carpeting in that spot, so the scale can lay flat. It makes it easy to forget, unlike when it was in the bedroom (but it's carpeted and I'd get weird readings.)

So, today being Sunday, weigh-in: 271.8

All right. Less than last weigh-in.

I find that I'm really in some sort of zone where losing is tough. Tougher even than a year ago. Maybe I'm definitely getting very near to full-out menopause and my hormones conspire against me. Dunno. But it's just really hard to get the scale moving, even though, unlike last year or the year before or the year before....I'm exercising rigorously 3x a week. I still want to move that to 5x a week, but so far, my indolence clings.

Yet, menopause and sloth aside, I am undeterred.

I guess I'll be praying fat loss prayers on Saturday nights. :)



The Better Idiot said...

I too stepped on the scale to a nice suprise after a bit of an absence this week. It's a nice feeling to see you haven't gained when you think you have, isn't it?

SeaShore said...

Yet, menopause and sloth aside, I am undeterred.

I love this statement!

Me too, throwing in a recent bout of gluttony as a bonus ;)

moonduster said...

Great weigh-in! My weigh-in is on Monday nights, but that's only because that's when my Slimming World meeting is, and the scale there is much better than my scale.

Scale Junkie said...

I'm swimming in the premenopause pool and if I could go back and rip the fork from my 30something hand I would.

Katschi said...

I like Sundays too for weighing in.