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Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Behold: The Princess as the Years Roll By

In case any of y'all wonder what I look like.

I hate taking pics. Even when I was a normal weight teen I hated it, cause, basically, I have tiny eyes and no cheekbones and tetracycline stained teeth from my multiple bouts of illnesses as a child, during my formative teeth years. Above is a snapshot my BIL took of me and my darling boo at our wedding, where I didn't allow a pro photographer, even having to argue about it with my beloved mom who wanted one. That was in 1983 and I weighed 154 lbs and wore a size 14/16. Hubby, as you can see, was the handsomest groom ever. (I am biased and I admit it. But he's dang cute--then and now!)

Probably one of my fave snapshots of me is below. I was 29 and I loved that hairdo and color. My hair was dyed jet black, though I'm too old for it now, dang. (I may go really darker, close to black, next time. To hell with the rules.) I weighed about 180, so my face was much slimmer, not to mention I actually had a jawline (still no cheekbones--I envy people with cheekbones):

I still have those earrings that my sister gave me. LOVE em!

This is a pic from August of 2000, when one of my online pals (we met online in 1996) visited Miami and we went out to dinner in a Coral Gables restaurant. I had come from visiting my mom, who was in the hospital (and it was my sister's turn to spend the night with her). I weighed about 260 there. My friend's visit lifted my spirits:

Now, at 47, I'm not digging the effects of time and gravity. The camera makes me cringe. Eh. Could be worse. This is a pic of me taken last week:

Hubby took the above pic at a museum exhibit using his camera phone. I had asked him to bring the digital cam to get good shots of the masterworks, but they didn't allow flash, and the camera battery went kaput, anyway. I was very happy. I love art and I love hubby and I love my sister, and so it was a day when I felt very loved and very full of life, even if I had slept little and my face was puffy from salt retention. I was about 278 there, and 2 lbs of that was water retention.

This is my handsome groom today:

He's lost about 30-35 lbs in the last couple years, and now I want to slim down and look hotter for my snooky. We'll celebrate our 25th anniversary next June. By then, I'd love to fit into a much smaller dress size for our big celebratory bash.

So, did I look anything like what you expected?



Stamp Til Dawn said...

I don't think you have tiny eyes at all. And I agree, your hubby is handsome.

I didn't have a picture of you in my head, but it is nice to put a face to your posts.

Thanks for sharing!

Heather said...

I think that you look beautiful in all of your pics!

But I know how you feel. Dont you hate looking back at older pics where you just love how you looked, wished you had appreciated it more, and just hope one day you can look like that again?

Well I know you can! Thanks for sharing your pics, I know how hard that can be sometimes.

Chubby Chick said...

Awww... you're so pretty! And you have GREAT hair!!! You and your hubby are an adorable couple! :)

Teale said...

I think you look beautiful! I love getting to put a face to a name! Your husband is quite handsome as well, you lucky gal!

Princess Dieter said...

Thanks, ladies!

CC, I actually have very curly, prone-to-frizz hair that is very dry from thyroid problems. It takes a lot of conditioner, BioSilk, and hairspray to keep my hair from going berserk after blow-drying.

For most of my adult life, I just let it curl, only blow-drying the top, but lately, I've been on a "let's have controlled hair" kick. That means 45 minutes of blow-drying and treatments. But, ah, I love it when I'm having a good hair day! Thanks.

I cannot deny that I think hubby is a cutie. More importantly, he's a good, dependable, hard-working, loving man who dotes on me. I like that doting part. :D


honib1 said...

you both are beauitful absolutely beautiful.. there.. short and sweet...

MB said...

You are a beautiful Princess with a hot Prince. Lucky girl!

Me said...

Pretty Pretty! You don't look like I imagined though (err... not that imagined you were ugly or anything...) In my head you looked kind of like my mum, maybe because you're the same age as her?

Um... this comment came off a lot less insulting in my head... I meant all of this is a really nuce way so please don't read too much into it!

Your hubby has definitely aged well ;)

Lora said...

I guess I imagined you with red hair! (how wierd is that?) It's nice being able to "see" you!

You are really very pretty!

Grumpy Chair said...

You have such a great smile in that 2000 picture. You and your husband are a very goodlooking couple.

Lady T said...

you remind me sooo much of a woman i worked with once.....i've always envisioned that your hair was dark and long, just like your weightloss avatar...i assumed darker features...so yeah, you look a lot like i pictured.

you actually look like a writer if that makes any sense. *wink*

it's wild to see the real person behind the words......

your husband is pretty cute, if u dont mind me saying so...*smile*


Princess Dieter said...

Thanks Honi, MB, Zanitta, Lora, Grmpy, and Lady. (And anyone I missed!)

I get people saying I look like someone they know so often, it's scary. Cause one of those who looks like me might be some criminal and *I* will get arrested! snarf.

I probably would have more color if I ever went out in the sun. But, I'm pretty much a nite owl most of the time, up as the sun is setting, to bed as it's rising. Sorta. :)

The Princess