I HAVE MOVED! My main blog as of Sept of 2010 is TWO YEARS TO HAPPY WEIGHT AFTER. Visit me there. My post links in the updates below will link up to the new blog. THANKS for reading!

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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Reminder: I have moved to ANOTHER blog for my weight loss blogging....take note, please

Got a comment today that someone was confused about the blogs.

I stopped posting to this blog. I started a new blog in September to follow me as I made specific goals for the next two years of health/weight loss. I'm doing fine and losing steadily. I blog THERE; I just link up to those posts HERE.

So, if you've been kind enough to follow me/link me here, consider updating to the new blog, which is at the following url:


Thanks for your support--past, present, and I hope, future...

...Princess Dieter

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